Meet FLORA, a hidden gem in the Alt-pop music scene. With two EPs already under her belt and new music on the horizon, she’s carving a path that mixes electronic sounds with a touch of raw emotion.

Her music fuses digitalism and heartfelt storytelling, creating songs that make you move, but also hit you right in the feels. FLORA tries to blend the electronic world with the human experience, painting a sonic picture that’s both melancholic and danceable: “As someone who feels so much all of the time, I try my best to put my thoughts and feelings into something I can dance and cry to at the same time.”

Despite the depth of her music, FLORA keeps a light-hearted approach, preferring not to take herself too seriously. Describing herself as an ‘ADHD-riddled twenty-something with a lot of ambition,’ she is unapologetically true to herself.

FLORA has been making waves from an early age. At just 6 years old, she appeared on national television during an episode of ‘Praatjesmakers,’ not knowing then that this would spark her fascination with performing and sharing her voice.
Having recently appeared on the national radio station, Radio Veronica alongside being chosen as a participant for both ‘Popronde 2024’ and the ‘Mentos Grote Prijs van Nederland 2024,’ nominated for the ‘Rotterdamse Track van het Jaar 2023,’ and gaining traction on playlists like New Music Friday and EQUAL with her latest EP, ‘UTTERLY MISTAKEN,’ she further affirms her determination to make it in the music industry. 

Now entering a new era, FLORA invites you on a sonic journey that lingers long after the last note.